Habitat Restores sell new and gently used quality household and building products, with ReStore sales helping to cover administrative costs of the affiliate. Products that might otherwise needlessly end up in landfills are purchased by builders, contractors and the general public. ReStores sell everything from furnishings and lighting, to sporting equipment, home décor and art – not just building supplies.   


  • Proceeds support Habitat’s goal of building affordable homes for low income families.
  • ReStore sales ensure donated dollars go directly to building more homes in each community in the region.
  • ReStores are open to the public which benefits the wholesalers, retailers and individuals who donate products, as well as consumers who purchase those products at a reduced cost. 
  • Habitat ReStores are staffed mainly by volunteers, and also work closely with community organizations and schools to provide learning and work-place experience.

Every ReStore is different, offering a unique shopping experience for Canadians seeking to add something new to their home.  The inventory is always changing as it is dependent on the generosity of corporate and private donors. Items are donated daily so each trip will bring you something new.  

If you are able to drop-off your donation, please call the ReStore first to ensure your donation is acceptable as some items normally accepted can be overstocked, and may not be accepted from time to time. For a list of Acceptable Items, click here.

The ReStore cannot accept any unsuitable or unsaleable materials, and we do not have a garbage disposal service for these items.  We reserve the right to turn down any donation we are unable to sell. All donations must be inspected during our normal business hours. Dropping off materials outside of store hours is considered DUMPING and is subject to a fine.