Ways To Give

Your donation helps change lives in the community. You can give:

By Phone
Please contact us at 705-646-0106

We appreciate your donations. Online donations can be made here.

By Mail
Your tax-deductible cheque can be mailed to:
Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North

117A-505 Muskoka Rd. Hwy 118W

Bracebridge, ON P1L 1T4

Please include your return address so we can mail your charitable tax receipt!
Receipts will be issued for gifts of cash based on the amount received in accordance with CRA guidelines. 

Charitable registration # 887017515RR0001



• All staff and volunteers will conduct themselves in accordance with accepted professional standards, and criteria prescribed by Imagine Canada’s Ethical Trustmark.
• Persons (volunteers and staff) acting on behalf of HFHOGN shall in all cases encourage the donor to discuss the proposed gift with independent legal and/or tax advisors as well as family members of the donor’s choice to ensure that the donor receives a full and accurate explanation of all aspects of the proposed charitable gift. If considered to be in the best interest of both the donor and HFHOGN, HFHOGN may decline a gift if the donor has not obtained independent advice. In cases where the donor asks HFHOGN staff for referrals for independent counsel, staff will provide the donor with a list of firms, not individual counselors, with whom HFHOGN has worked successfully in the past.
• Donors shall be encouraged to consult a professional advisor who is neither retained by HFHOGN or a member of the governing board of HFHOGN. If the donor selects an advisor who volunteers with HFHOGN, the advisor must inform the donor of the conflict of interest. If the donor still wants the advisor to provide the service, it would be prudent to have the donor sign a consent form stating that he or she was informed of the conflict of interest and is retaining the advisor with full knowledge of it. Professional advisors involved in a voluntary capacity with HFHOGN who find themselves in a conflict of interest with a HFHOGN donor, should refer to their own professional code of conduct for further guidance if warranted.
• In most circumstances, it will be HFHOGN’s standard practice to ensure gift agreements are put in place for all known planned gifts, leadership gifts and sponsorships.
• In all cases, staff will work closely with both the donor and HFHOGN to ensure there is alignment between the donor’s intent and HFHOGN need. On rare occasions, a gift may not be accepted due to HFHOGN’s inability to meet the restrictions placed on the gift by the donor.
• Should the purpose for which the gift has been received change, every attempt will be made to discuss the change with the donor. If gaining donor permission on altering the original use of the gift is not possible, the Board of Directors of HFHOGN will realign the use of the gift, meeting as closely as possible the donor’s original intent. All donor gift agreements should include a “power to vary” clause.

HFHOGN encourages and solicits contributions of cash, and personal and real property, either as outright gifts or through planned gift vehicles that conform to the rules and regulations or guidelines outlined by the CRA and any other applicable laws.

Receipts will be issued for gifts of cash based on the amount received in accordance with CRA guidelines. Gifts of cash in foreign currency are accepted and will be valued at the foreign exchange rate based on the price at the close of business on the day received. Gifts of actual currency will be accepted at HFHOGN office up to a maximum of $10,000.

It is the HFHOGN general practice to accept gifts of securities, subject to our Controversial Gifts policy. It is HFHOGN’s practice to immediately liquidate securities. Receipts will be issued based on the value of the securities on the day sold.

Gifts of life insurance are accepted by HFHOGN. A donor may gift a life insurance policy to the
Foundation by:
i) Assigning a paid up revocable or irrevocable policy to HFHOGN;
ii) Assigning a pre-existing revocable or irrevocable life insurance policy on which premiums remain to be paid;
iii) Creating a new revocable or irrevocable policy to HFHOGN;
iv) Naming HFHOGN as a primary or successor beneficiary of the proceeds. In the event that a policy is gifted to HFHOGN on which premiums remain to be paid, the donor will continue to pay the premiums until the policy is paid in full. If the donor ceases to make premium payments, the Treasurer will review recommendations from HFHOGN staff as to whether or not it is in the best interests of HFHOGN to continue premium payments or to allow the gift to fail.

In helping donors plan for bequests, sample wording will be made available to donors and their lawyers regarding direction of the gift, and donors will be invited to provide information about their bequest to HFHOGN. If HFHOGN receives a bequest designated to a service or activity in which HFHOGN is no longer engaged, staff, in consultation with HFHOGN and the estate’s executor, will investigate alternate designations.

HFHOGN is only permitted to accept re-insured gift annuities. All gift annuities are arranged through a HFHOGN staff member. The minimum amount required for a re-insured gift annuity shall be determined by HFHOGN Treasurer in consultation with the Board Executive.

Gifts of real estate may be made as outright gifts, as residual interests in the property, or through funding a charitable remainder trust. The following guidelines pertain to gifts of real estate in general. Where real estate is transferred to a charitable remainder trust, additional requirements of the trustee must be met. The donor shall secure a qualified current appraisal of the property. Nonresidential, (including agriculture), properties must be valued by independent qualified appraisers, at the donor’s expense. HFHOGN may request its own independent appraisal and in that case, will be responsible for all related or associated costs. HFHOGN shall ensure there is clear title to the property. If clear title is not possible, other alternatives may be discussed with the donor to allow the gift to be made. In the case of the donor being an association or other organization, HFHOGN shall ensure it is properly constituted to make such a gift. HFHOGN shall review other factors, including: zoning restrictions, marketability, current use, cash flow, and other types of risk, to ascertain that acceptance of the gift would be in the best interests of HFHOGN. HFHOGN shall consider all appropriate environmental conditions, which may include an environmental assessment by an outside source where deemed necessary, and accept the property only if:
i) it contains no toxic substances,
ii) they are removed or other remedies taken assuring that HFHOGN assumes no liability whatsoever, or
iii) the environmental assessment is acceptable to the Board of Directors of HFHOGN.

Gifts in-kind are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for their:
i) value to HFHOGN mission, and
ii) appropriateness to HFHOGN needs
Decisions around accepting gifts in-kind will be evaluated according to: ongoing maintenance requirements, suitability to storage and liability. Depending on the donor’s wishes, HFHOGN may retain the gift or sell it and use the proceeds where they are needed most. According to CRA, it is the donor’s responsibility to have the value of the property appraised for receipting purposes. An independent qualified appraiser(s) determines this value. HFHOGN reserves the right to obtain, at its expense, its own appraisal in addition to the donor’s appraisal, and to rely solely on that appraisal if it so chooses. Receipting for all gifts-in-kind will be governed by CRA guidelines. For gifts of a company’s product with a purchase discount, it is HFHOGN’s practice to value and receipt such gifts in accordance with CRA guidelines.

HFHOGN accepts gifts of residual interest. These gifts will be valued based on “discounted value” as determined by actuarial calculations provided by CRA, and receipted according to HFHOGN’s Receipting Policy. In the case of real estate, the guidelines as stated in the Gifts of Real Estate section shall be followed. Donors making gifts of residual interest in real estate shall be responsible for real estate taxes, insurance, utilities and all other expenses relating to the care and maintenance of the property after transferring title, unless otherwise agreed by the HFHOGN Board of Directors. The terms of the gift and responsibilities for expenses shall be specified in a deed of gift executed by the donor and HFHOGN. HFHOGN reserves the right to review any insurance coverage and to inspect the property from time to time to assure its interest is properly safeguarded.

HFHOGN accepts gifts of charitable remainder trusts. These gifts will be valued based on “discounted value” as determined by actuarial calculations provided by CRA, and receipted according to HFHOGN’s Receipting Policy. The minimum amount required to establish a trust is $100,000. The trust agreement shall be drafted and reviewed by the donor’s own legal counsel prior to being reviewed and agreed to by HFHOGN.

HFHOGN may accept shares of a privately owned company only in exceptional circumstances and on a case-by-case basis. Such offers of shares shall be reviewed by the Treasurer and referred to HFHOGN Board for determination on whether the gift shall be accepted. In the event that such shares are accepted, valuation will be conducted in accordance with CRA guidelines.

It is acknowledged by HFHOGN that there is the potential for controversy with the acceptance of gifts and sponsorships from certain individuals, foundations, businesses or corporations. HFHOGN reserves the right to refuse any gift or sponsorship with or without cause. HFHOGN also reserves the right to refuse to issue a charitable receipt if it is the conclusion of the Treasurer or HFHOGN Board that the gift does not meet the charitable donation criteria and regulations as defined by CRA.
Due diligence should be exercised prior to the acceptance of all gifts and sponsorships using the following guidelines.
Evaluation by Staff:
i) All gifts and sponsorships should be evaluated by the accepting staff member to ensure that the acceptance of such a gift is in keeping with the mission, vision and values of HFHOGN. This includes the core values of the organization and the governing documents of HFHOGN including the Letters Patent and Bylaws;
ii) Staff shall discuss concerns with the President of HFHOGN and conduct further research if required;
iii) Should a gift or sponsorship be considered as having the potential to be controversial, the staff member is obligated to bring the concern forward to the attention of the President of HFHOGN;

Upon identification of a gift or sponsorship as controversial, the President will then review the matter with the Executive Committee of HFHOGN. The Executive Committee will review the gift or sponsorship offer and present its findings and recommendation to the HFHOGN Board. The Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors will use the following framework for decision- making regarding the acceptance of gifts to HFHOGN deemed to be controversial:
i) Is there convergence of cause and intent between the donor and HFHOGN?
ii) Will acceptance of the gift further the mission, goals and objectives of HFHOGN?
iii) How will the acceptance of the gift be viewed by existing donors, stakeholders and the general public? Will public perception of the organization be strengthened or damaged by the acceptance of the gift?
iv) Is there clear charitable intent and a commitment to the work of HFHOGN?
v) Is acceptance of the gift consistent with other fundraising activities and/or gifts?
vi) Will the reputation of the donor have a negative impact on the reputation of HFHOGN?
vii) Is HFHOGN in a position to weather any negative perception from the community?
viii) Are there any potential liabilities associated with the acceptance of the gift of property or shares of a private corporation?
ix) Who is responsible for any costs that may be associated with acceptance of the gift? (Appraisals, valuation, assessments, etc.)
x) Will the gift encourage or discourage others to give?
If the gift is otherwise considered appropriate for acceptance, the following may also be considered:
     • Will the gift require ongoing effort to manage and maintain? Is this effort worthwhile considering the value of the gift?
     • Is acceptance of the asset in accordance with the Investment policy of HFHOGN? If not, is the asset immediately marketable or can provision be made to accept and hold the asset until its sale?
     • Does the gift pose any potential liability to HFHOGN? If there is any question as to liability, independent legal and/or financial advice must be sought and reported to the President and/or the HFHOGN of Directors before a final decision is made.
     • Is the gift a joint gift that involves another charity? If so, are there any implications that would affect the acceptance of such a gift?

From time to time, there may be reason for HFHOGN to decline the offer of a gift. If such a decision is made, the reasons will be fully explained in writing, and where appropriate, in person to the donor. A decision to decline a gift may be made by the President of HFHOGN or the Board of Directors of HFHOGN. The following framework for decision-making will be used to determine circumstances under which a gift may be declined:
i) There are conditions to the gift or sponsorship that are not consistent with the goals and mission of HFHOGN.
ii) The gift or sponsorship may be determined to be controversial or not suitable for acceptance by HFHOGN.
iii) Through the gift, the donor is seeking special privileges
iv) The gift could financially jeopardize the donor or HFHOGN.
v) The terms of the gift are illegal or not in keeping with the guidelines of the CRA.
vi) HFHOGN does not have the resources to honour the terms of the gift or to properly determine its value.
vii) There are known or determined environmental hazards.
viii) The donor has misrepresented the gift or false promises have been made.
ix) The gift could improperly benefit any individual.
x) The gift could jeopardize the charitable status of HFHOGN.