ReStore Volunteer FAQ

What is the commitment expected of volunteers at the ReStore?

Volunteers are asked to volunteer for 40 hours a year. Some volunteers choose to give one day a week, a half day twice a week or every other week. Together we create a schedule that works for both the store and the volunteer.

Is there a uniform?

To help identify volunteers to the public and each other we ask volunteers to wear a Habitat T-shirt or apron which we provide. Name tags are also provided. It can be dusty and dirty, so volunteers should wear durable clothes that can get messy.

All volunteers are required to wear safety boots in the ReStore. If you don’t have a pair of your own, please let us know as we do have some sizes available to borrow.

I have never worked retail, is this a problem?

Volunteers are all required to participate in an orientation and safety session. Either experienced volunteers or staff will train the new volunteers in the daily tasks. You are supported while you learn the job. It is a great environment to learn, have fun and make friends! 

What should I bring with me when I volunteer?

Come prepared to work hard and have fun! Bring a lunch and snacks you might need. Wear your t-shirt and safety boots. Leave your personal belongings in your car or at home.