Habitat Heroes | May 2016

Larry Collins - Midland ReStore

Larry Collins is the husband of our last Hero of the month, Sandra Collins, and he has been with us since the beginning. Larry has many talents, including rewiring lamps, testing appliances, building cabinets or whatever needs putting together, or taken apart. Larry has also been involved with building Habitat homes in the area. He is what you would call "a jack of all trades". He is very much appreciated, and lots of fun too! Thank you from us all Larry!

Fred Knell - Huntsville ReStore

Fred Knell is an amazing person that embodies all the great qualities of a volunteer. Fred volunteers one to two times a week at the Huntsville ReStore and when at the store, he is always helping donors, having conversations with staff & customers and sharing his expertise. His positive outlook on life always brings joy, happiness and fun to everyone he encounters during the day. He is a true believer in Habitat's mission. Thank you Fred!

Steve - Orillia ReStore

Steve has been jwith us for nearly two years, never failing to appear every Saturday with a different joke. We are fortunate that he comes with a variety of talents, one being his ability to make hand-made canes/walking sticks. His hand-made items are usually put into our silent auction as they are so unique. We all appreciate Steve's talents and friendly manner.  Thank you Steve from all of us in the Orillia ReStore.

Ella - Sudbury ReStore

Ella is outgoing, friendly and very hard working. She is always ready to lend a hand and she has taken initiative on a number of important ReStore tasks. Ella is great with our ReStore customers. We are very grateful to have an EXTRAORDINARY volunteer like Ella in the Sudbury ReStore. Thank you for all of your support Ella! 

Doug - Bracebridge ReStore

Doug is an exceptional volunteer. He helps wherever and whenever someone needs a hand. Doug is a friendly and hard working person. Everyone at the ReStore loves having him around because he is such a huge help! He also always has a joke in his back pocket to help make us laugh and smile. Thanks for all of your hard work Doug; we greatly appreciate all of your support!