Habitat Heroes | March 2016

Bracebridge | Linda Leadston

Linda is a hard-working volunteer. She is kind and has a big heart. We enjoy her company and are glad to have her as one of our great volunteers. Thank you Linda!

-Jessie Kosack

Huntsville | Ric Peca

Ric Peca has been volunteering with the Huntsville ReStore for three months and he has done some amazing work everywhere in the Store.  His enthusiasm, knowledge and work ethic have been a great addition to the Huntsville ReStore.  Ric in the past month has helped move, restructure and re-organize the entire store, he truly is an amazing person, who has gone above and beyond to improve and bring the Huntsville ReStore to the next level.  Thank You so much for everything you do at the Huntsville ReStore.

-Justin Pritchard

Orillia | Sandy

Sandy does whatever it takes to get the job done.  That may come from her many years as a secondary school teacher!

She is energetic, great with our customers and is a joy to be around which is very helpful for us when things get busy.

We look forward to getting to know her better. 

-Donna Godfrey

Midland | Babs

Whatever you do, don’t leave a mess when Babs is in the house, or you will get the “look." Babs has been with us for a couple of years now, and her organizing skills are second to none. Babs is a great asset to our team, and sincerely appreciated. Her specialty is her patience with sorting all of those boxes of odds & ends. The job that most of us find painful, Babs is in her element.

A big thanks, from us all Babs!!

-Marg Hamelin

Sudbury | Sean

Sean is a very hard worker. Sean has been volunteering at the Sudbury ReStore over a month and has never skipped a beat. Even though he is very shy, I see him all the time answering customers questions and making them happy. Other volunteers and the staff smile every time he is at the ReStore.

-Stephanie Long