Habitat Heroes | July

Bracebridge ReStore | Stephen Goddard

Stephen and his wife Jean have been Habitat Heroes since the first day they stepped through the door. Stephen often can be found in the Bracebridge ReStore all seven days of the week. He is a happy face greeting donors dropping off materials and our electronics guru. Stephen's dedication, will, work ethic and spirit are a constant blessing. Thank you, Stephen! 
Huntsville ReStore | Bert Young

Bert Young has been volunteering with the Huntsville ReStore for the past five months and has done some amazing work helping sort and organize all the donations as well as help organize the store.  His enthusiasm, knowledge and diligent work ethic have been a great addition to the Huntsville ReStore.  Bert comes in every day with a smile, positive attitude and wants to make the Huntsville ReStore shine. Bert has done a wonderful job keeping the inflow and outflow running smoothly. You're such an important part of our family at the Huntsville ReStore. Thank You so much for everything you do on a daily basis.

Midland ReStore | Brenda

New to our ReStore family at the Midland location is Brenda, otherwise known as “B”Kool. She is the most outgoing “take the world by storm” gal we have had the pleasure of laughing and working with. Her creative passion, “let’s think outside the box” attitude, and knowledge of computers and finance makes her a true gift. An artist by choice, and trade, it shines through in her incredible people skills and upholds her strong beliefs of humanitarian and animal aid. We at the Midland ReStore simply shine due to the spirit and spunk of this month’s Habitat Hero "B Kool."
Sudbury ReStore | Aaron

Aaron has been our volunteer for only one month, but in that one month he has been a very valuable asset to The Sudbury ReStore. He comes in every shift and knows exactly what needs to be done without anyone having to tell him. He was a little shy at first but after a few days he has opened up and is very friendly with customers and donors. Thank you Aaron for all your hard work and we appreciate everything you do