Gifts In-Kind

Gifts in-kind (GIK) are an essential piece in our work to break the cycle of poverty through affordable homeownership. GIK can be materials and/or labour. These gifts allow us to build simple, decent, affordable homes for low income families in need.

Gifts in-kind can be donated to our build projects or to our ReStores.

Gifts in-kind are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for their:
i) value to HFHOGN mission, and
ii) appropriateness to HFHOGN needs

Decisions around accepting gifts in-kind will be evaluated according to: ongoing maintenance requirements, suitability to storage and liability. Depending on the donor’s wishes, HFHOGN may retain the gift or sell it and use the proceeds where they are needed most. According to CRA, it is the donor’s responsibility to have the value of the property appraised for receipting purposes. An independent qualified appraiser(s) determines this value. HFHOGN reserves the right to obtain, at its expense, its own appraisal in addition to the donor’s appraisal, and to rely solely on that appraisal if it so chooses. Receipting for all gifts-in-kind will be governed by CRA guidelines. For gifts of a company’s product with a purchase discount, it is HFHOGN’s practice to value and receipt such gifts in accordance with CRA guidelines.