Family Testimonials

"I'm not sure I can even put into words how much of a positive, life changing effect having a safe, affordable home will mean to our family! It will mean the achievement of a dream for [my wife] and I, the dream of having a home where our kids can be safe and healthy, an environment where everyone can heal, grow and prosper."

- The Gillmore family

“It felt like a dream. Your whole world changes when one person says to you, `I believe in you`.”

- Catherine Prosser



 “It’s perfect! The bedrooms are a great size. The windows are beautiful. I love our tub and shower. I love how we will get the morning sun through the patio doors. I love the sink going in the island. I love that there will be two more bedrooms in the basement to accommodate our family size. And I love that the basement windows are low enough inside to stand and look out. I also love the pantry and hall and entrance closets. And when I saw the new appliances, that was just amazing. I guess I just love everything about it.” 

- Sasha Leonard


“To allow these people to come together just out of the generosity of their hearts is overwhelming. You just want to find out who all these people are and say thank you, but it’s almost like thank you is not enough . . . there is no true expression to really explain how we feel . . . all of these businesses and people helping . . . wow, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

- Alyssa Foran

"Our son will get to grow up in one home instead of moving from rental to rental like how I grew up. It’s going to be his base and he won’t have to be scared of moving all of the time . . . For us, it will set a foundation to grow."

- Aly Guildford