Espanola 2016

Nov. 28/30 Let the build begin!

Photos from the Mid-North Monitor:

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December 2015

The first major hurdle is passed!

After breaking ground on November 28th, the footings are in place on our Adelaide Street build site. Soon we will have a pressure treated wood foundation and we'll have nowhere to go but up from here! No wonder Jeff Lapierre’s build crew are so happy!


January 2016


The basement and floor frame are completed. The basement is made of pressure-treated wood. If you think it looks a little high, you would be correct. Spring will bring allow the backfill and finish grades to be completed. The party wall, (tall framing structure in the center) will divide the two homes. The perimeter framing will be complete early next week, then Jeff (Jeff Lapierre, build chair) will move on to roof-truss installation, fly rafters and then sheeting. Jeff tells me he is receiving a great good support from the community. One day there were 10 volunteers on the Build Site. He must be doing something right! - Update from HFHOGN Director of Construction John McKee

And then there were walls! Good weather. Great performance! Indeed a pleasure to see so much happen today. Thank the builders, their effort is appreciated. - John

Photos from Sheri Commission:

                                                       thank you volunteers!


Volunteers pose for a photo at the Espanola build site. 


Here come the walls

Lifting a wall into place. Many hands make light work . . .

Early morning site meeting

Early morning site meeting. Project planning is key to any build.

The walls are constructed on the floor before the workers lift them into place.

Nice progress, starting on the second floor already!

Front view from Adelaide Street.

Second ramp being installed. 

Back of the duplex (looking from the Legion parking lot).

Workers on the right side insulating and puting up gyproc.



Construction continues in Espanola! The deep freeze curtailed backfilling and meant we needed some hay! Local Menonites obliged and gave us a great deal on hay to protect the footings. Approximately 75 bales of hay were used to keep things cozy during the chill.

The Espanola crew has made wonderful progress this week on the trusses for the duplex. The trusses on the both the left and right sides are up as well as the small rooves over the entranceways. Kudos to the volunteers and Jeff for keeping things going during this chilly weather.



Right side of the duplex looking up through the roof trusses. 

Starting work on the roof trusses.

Left side of the house from Oscar Street with all of the roof trusses up!


The Express are back!

Starting to look like a home . . .

 The windows are in!

April 2016


Team RBC donates sweat, effort at $10,000 to Espanola Build


ESPANOLA, ON – The Royal Bank of Canada presented Habitat for Humanity with a donation of $10,000 toward its build of a semi-detached on Adelaide St. in Espanola.

A crew of ten local RBC team members then helped with levelling the driveway, framing decks, and rolling primer on the exterior of the structure. Habitat for Humanity’s Adopt-A-Day program allows volunteers, community partners, and donors a chance to help build the homes of the families they’re supporting.

"First and foremost our mission is to mobilize community"

“The day represents a significant donation of both effort and money,” said David Morris, CEO of the regional Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North affiliate. “First and foremost our mission is to mobilize community. Team RBC has stepped-up and displayed an incredible amount of communal spirit and dedication with this donation and their work on the build site.”

Two local families are scheduled to move into the completed homes this autumn – a single mother and a family of six. Sheldon Lacasse, the father of a family moving into the semi-detached, worked alongside the RBC volunteers.

Lecasse said it was inspiring to work beside people from his community who were contributing to what will eventually become their family home.