Dockside Publishing and Habitat Build Together


On February 23, volunteers from Dockside Publishing, team members from Habitat for Humanity and homeowner Alyssa Foran fitted insulation and installed vapor barrier at the Habitat build site in Huntsville. 

Habitat's Adopt-A-Day program provides businesses and organizations with a unique opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty in their community through affordable homeownership. 

Dockside Publishing raised $2,500 for the opportunity to teambuild and give-back by working at the Habitat buildsite. In doing so, they have helped ensure a local family will be able to enjoy the benefits of strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.

All of the money donated will go directly to the buildsite, as our ReStores cover all of Habitat for Humanity's overhead and administrative costs. 

The team from Dockside made quick work of their assigned tasks, and will leave knowing their handiwork has made a lasting difference in the lives of two families. Habitat homeowner Alyssa Foran says it best in the video above.

"It's overwhelming and the only thing I can say is thank you very much for the bottom of all of our hearts."