Build Volunteers

The number one reason most people volunteer with Habitat for Humanity is to swing a hammer… or to learn how to swing one properly! In reality, there is a combination of volunteers and paid workers on site during a build.

As a recognized builder we are subject to all of the same standards as any builder in our community. We must have licensed trades people – carpenters, plumbers, HVAC and electricians.  We are the benefactors of assistance from trade unions, technical schools, colleges and a variety of builders who help by offering their staff and individual trades’ people who volunteer their expertise.

Whether skilled or unskilled, many hands make light work! All we require is a willingness to learn, and maybe a smidge of determination, as our Site Supervisor and other experienced team members teach skills and dictate the build progress. Whatever your skill level you can make a contribution on site, even in a non-construction role, and enjoy the feeling of community that is the trademark of a Habitat for Humanity build project.

All volunteers are required to watch a Safety Video before coming on a Habitat build site.  Be prepared for your day – click here to watch the safety video.

Please note that in order to continue to build, we are always in search of buildable land in our area – if you are aware of a building lot someone may be willing to donate, please call our office at (705) 646-0106.


Typical Day on a Habitat Build Site

  1. The construction site is open from 8am until 4pm. Volunteers are asked to be onsite for 8:15 am.

  2. Volunteers are welcomed on site when they arrive. Every person must sign in and provide an emergency contact and phone number every time they come on site. Either prior to or on their first volunteer shift volunteers must fill in their personal contact information, sign a waiver of liability and a confidentiality form.

  3. All workers are required to wear CSA approved work shoes/boots and hard hats. If a volunteer does not have their own to use there is a lending supply to borrow from.

  4. At 8:45am a tail gate safety talk reviews the required safety rules to be followed, the tasks being tackled that day and instructions for using certain tools.

  5. The built site has lots of tools. However, if you decide to bring your own from home LABEL them so that they are easily identified. Habitat for Humanity takes no responsibility for the tools you choose to bring.

  6. Volunteers are provided with a Habitat for Humanity t-shirt. Wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty. Layers of clothing are suggested to be prepared for the days changing weather. Long pants are suggested as a safety precaution.

  7. Portable toilets are available for your use on site.

  8. Water is available. Please bring a reusable water bottle. Lunch is provided as a kindness from the community. Special dietary considerations cannot be made so please bring your own food if this is a concern.

  9. Note that a Habitat build is subject to weather, material availability, volunteer response, which all affects the work projects. Very occasionally the work day has to be cancelled. We try to notify you as far in advance as possible.