Build Volunteer FAQ

How do I sign up to volunteer for a build?

Contact us directly of fill out this online application. If no local builds are currently ongoing we may contact you for ReStore volunteer support, or fundraising activities. 

What should I wear when working on the build site?

It is important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, and are able to bend and stretch with ease. Construction work is often dirty, especially in the spring months. Choosing older clothes you won’t mind getting dirty and stained are safe bets. Wear long pants to keep your legs safe and layers to deal with the changing weather throughout the day. Hard hats and work boots are non-negotiable, which Habitat for Humanity has on site if you don’t have your own. Work gloves also make the work more comfortable, so you might want to bring a pair with you.

Is there a bathroom?

There is a portable bathroom on site for the use of volunteers. This is a work site, but everyone works to keep the bathroom clean and functioning.

Do we work in all weather?

Safety is the most important factor when working in construction. There are weather conditions which make certain jobs difficult and unsafe. If weather prohibits us from working you will receive a call from one of the volunteer coordinators, letting you know. If the heat becomes too much or the weather changes the day’s end will be called early. If you are unsure if construction will be happening on a given day, you can always call and check in with the volunteer organizer.

What type of skills do I need to have to volunteer with the house build?

There is a very wide spectrum of skills needed to build the house; from scheduling volunteers to painting, hammering to driving, organizing food to photography. We would love to hear from you about what interests you and we can put you to work. If you want to help hammer but don’t know how, we can teach you. If you have lots of experience building homes we could use you as a crew leader and in training others. We can use all enthusiastic, willing people!

What if I can’t make a volunteer shift I committed too?

We are so thankful to have such amazing committed volunteers working with us. We understand sometimes plans change and unforeseen events happen. It is greatly appreciated if you can just let us know, then we are able to make different arrangements.

What time commitment do I have to make to the build?

Your time and hands are greatly appreciated. We can’t build without volunteers. You can choose to volunteer for one day, for one week or longer. Start with signing up for one shift and go from there. If you can’t do more, that is ok. If you can do more and want to we can use your help!

What age do I have to be to participate on the build?

Volunteers have to be 16 or older to participate on a Habitat for Humanity build. Volunteers who are 16 and 17 years old must have their guardians sign the waiver.

Is there a cost to volunteer on the build site?

For individual volunteers, there is no cost to build. However, we encourage you to consider fundraising for your build day. Perhaps you want to organize a day with your colleagues, friends, family, book club, baseball team and fundraise! We would be happy to talk with you about how to go about it.